Glitches with Steering

  Have you had unusual glitches with your steering? This may require additional information to troubleshoot.  Below is a couple things that could be causing the glitching. A “glitch” is any type of interference that reduces (or eliminates) your ability to control your car or truck. This interference can come […]

RC4WD 1/10 V8 Scale Engine (Z-S1043)

  This highly detailed engine allows you to hide your 540 motor inside the scale engine to make your build even more realistic! We recommend pairing with the RC4WD R4 Ultimate Scale Single Speed Transmission (Z-U0031) for an unbeatable scale combination! This engine is compatible with the following using the […]

Steering Link Set for RC4WD Super Bully Comp Axle – Z-A0028

Looking for the Steering Link and Hardware to work with your RC4WD Super Bully Comp Axle with Knuckles (Z-A0028)? We recommend the following: SUPER BULLY STEERING KIT (BLACK) (Z-S0333) 12MM WHEEL HUBS FOR V6 XVD AND SUPER BULLY AXLE (Z-S0174 “Disc”) For a list of all compatible parts, visit Bully […]

Tires for the Bully MOA Crawler

Trying to determine what size wheels/tires are needed for your Bully MOA Crawler? Wheel and tire size should be between 5.5 and 5.75 OD depending on current setup. You may want to check out our Tires and Wheels that are designed specifically for the Bully/Bully 2 MOA Crawler: Rocker 2.2″ […]

Paint for Trucks/Bodies

There are several brands of Hobby Paints on the market to choose from and selecting the right application is vital to a successful finish. For Polycarbonate/Lexan (Clear bodies), we recommend using Tamiya “PS” Spray Paint. For Hard Bodies/Styrene, we recommend using Tamiya “TS” Spray Paint. Tamiya “AS” Spray Paints can […]

Speed vs Torque/Power

Determining the size motor to start with depends on several criteria:   Your preference (Go Fast or Crawl) The application (If you are trail driving or crawl driving, you don’t want a fast motor) Your rig’s set up (Sometimes your gearing will require you to offset with a faster or […]

Drive Shaft for the SCX10

Looking for a shaft to run with your SCX10 or other Scaler? Choosing the proper shaft will depend on your wheelbase. Using the image below, measure both the output shaft size as well as the overall length of your drive shafts: Still have questions? Please email us at for […]

D90 Transfer Case is not Completely Smooth

Occasionally during the machining process, a small burr can be left on the gear teeth. Open the case and inspect all the gears and using a small file, remove any possible burrs that may be left. When re-assembling the case, ensure that the gears are well greased. In most cases, […]

Sticky Shocks?

Having an issue with your shocks locking up or sticking? The o-rings used to seal the shocks require lubrication. A small drop of silicone shock oil on the shock shaft or directly on the o-rings will help. Still have questions? Please email us at for additional support.