Air Trapping in Tires

In several instances you can have Air Trapped in your tires (Ballooning) that can cause traction issues. Just like real rigs, the lower the air pressure, the wider the “footprint” and traction. Additionally, when traveling to higher or lower elevations, this may effect the air in your tires when you have a […]

Gear Ratios on Burnout 1/4 Scale Axle

Questions about the gear ratios on our Burnout 1/4 Scale Axle? Currently, we offer our BURNOUT 1/4 SCALE AXLE which allows you to swap two gears in the back of the axle. Gear Ratio can change from 1:2.5 to 1:5.3. Please note that both options of 1:2.5 and 1:5.3 will work. In order […]

Hexes for your Yeti XL Kit

Looking for hex hubs to fit your newly purchased wheels like our HUNTSMAN SPIDER 40 SERIES 3.8″ UNIVERSAL BEADLOCK WHEEL for your Yeti XL Kit? We recommend our 17MM REVO/SUMMIT UNIVERSAL HEX FOR 40 SERIES AND CLOD WHEELS. Don’t forget to get the TOOL FOR REVO/SUMMIT UNIVERSAL WHEEL HEX.

Axle Gear Engaging Issue

Are you having an issue with your gears not properly engaging? We know this can be frustrating. First, ensure the gears aren’t stripped. Additionally, are you using any shims behind the pinion? Using a shim or two behind the pinion may help the gears to engage more. For shims, you may […]

Glue for Trucks/Bodies

  There are many types of glue on the market, however we recommend using styrene glue or a plastic weld (Plastruct). Either one of these will work well. We always recommend testing it on a scrap piece of Styrene to ensure that it is compatible with the material that you […]

KK1 vs KK2

Questions about the difference between the KK1 and KK2? The KK1 and KK2 offer two main differences: KK2 axle has ‘Differential and ‘Differential locking’, providing users the ability to choose to lock or unlock. The KK1 did not have differential. KK2 has a big gear ratio, offering more power and is […]

AX2 2 Speed Transmission – Z-U0006

Questions about the amount of freeplay/take-up for your AX2 2 SPEED TRANSMISSION FOR AXIAL WRAITH & SCX10/HONCHO?   Please note that since this product has two speeds, the transmission needs to have locking teeth to lock in order to change ratios. In order to allow the “on the fly” shifting between […]

D90 Transfer Case & Hammer Transfer Case

Need to replace the Transfer Case for your GELANDE II TRUCK KIT W/DEFENDER D90 BODY SET? Visit our site and purchase the TRITON TRANSFER CASE. This Transfer Case will eliminate any reduction in your driveline.  The Triton Transfer Case is a 1:1 Ratio where the Hammer Transfer Case is 1.47:1.   Please note […]