XR4 Radio

Is your XR4 radio applying the properly throttle? Do the trims setting intermittently change without commands to do so? We know this can be frustrating! Please try the following troubleshooting steps in attempts to resolve your issue: Re-bind the radio and receiver Reset the Fail Safe After customizing the trims, […]

Pinion Gear & Tranny Mount

Does your TF2 have a clicking from the front end? If so, check your pinion. If you notice any stripping, please let us know! If the pinion is stripped, this may cause a lack of grabbing onto the front axle. You may contact us at support@rc4wd.com In order to best […]

Body for TF2 SWB

Our TF2 SWB chassis is compatible with bodies manufactured by other companies. While the Tamiya Jeep Wrangler is a direct fit, other bodies may include Tamiya’s CC01 series of bodies as long as the wheelbase is the same (please note they are not a direct bolt up). Still have questions? […]

Customizing Your TF2

Customizing your TF2 takes a lot of patience and effort! A lot of our customers prefer to complete custom builds. Our TF2 is the perfect platform¬†for this as it is compatible with multiple parts manufactured by RC4WD and many other companies as well! For reference, please check below: **Please click […]

Welcome to the RC4WD Support Center!

Hello, I’m glad you found us! We are excited to start this support page and provide you with the most common questions we come across on our support@rc4wd.com account. We hope that this will help all our RC4WD customers with inquires you may have. If you can’t find an answer […]