Air Trapping in Tires

In several instances you can have Air Trapped in your tires (Ballooning) that can cause traction issues. Just like real rigs, the lower the air pressure, the wider the “footprint” and traction. Additionally, when traveling to higher or lower elevations, this may effect the air in your tires when you have a sealed wheel/tire combo.

There are two methods to venting your wheels:

  1. On some wheels, you can drill a small hole in the center ring of the wheel to vent air. We suggest starting with a 2mm size drill bit and increasing as need. 2 holes 180 degrees apart can be used.
  2. Punching a 3mm hole through the tire can also be used for venting. This method will also allow water to drain from the tire. If using this method, ensure to not go any bigger the 3mm or you risk ripping the tire.

Both methods will all for air to enter and exit the tire. (Remember to start small and work up to a bigger hole if needed).

It would be best to email us at to provide us with exact wheels and tires being used first.