Speed vs Torque/Power

Determining the size motor to start with depends on several criteria:


  • Your preference (Go Fast or Crawl)
  • The application (If you are trail driving or crawl driving, you don’t want a fast motor)
  • Your rig’s set up (Sometimes your gearing will require you to offset with a faster or slower motor)
  • Is speed or torque/power more important?


For example, our RC4WD Brushed 35T Boost Rebuildable Crawler Motor (Z-E0045) focuses more on speed than rock climbing, whereas our RC4WD Brushed 55T Boost Rebuildable Crawler 540 Motor (Z-E0044) is better for climbing than speed.
If you’re unsure, we recommend something in the middle such as our RC4WD Brushed 45T Boost Rebuildable Crawler Motor (Z-E0041).