What is the difference between the Hammer Transfer Case (1.47:1) (Z-U0024) and Triton Transfer Case (1:1) (Z-U0029)?

The Hammer Transfer case has a lower gear reduction. The Hammer Transfer Case (1.47:1) (Z-U0024) has a ratio of 1.47:1 for every 1.47 rotation of the input (i.e. motor), the output shaft will turn once, thus moving slower and providing more torque. If you plan to run larger tires or need a little bit more torque, the Hammer Transfer Case (1.47:1) (Z-U0024) will be what you need.

The Triton Transfer Case (1:1) (Z-U0029) features a 1:1 ratio which retains the same ratio when transferring power from your transmission to the axles and works for most applications.